Why has Vietnam become a potential market for foreign investors?

With the economic developments of Vietnam in the past 10 years, this market is being focused on by investors, especially foreign investors. That proves the attractiveness of the Vietnamese market compared to the region.

Vietnam’s natural conditions are what attracts investors.

Can mention the central location of Southeast Asia, this will be the point that connecting the surrounding areas to create advantages in international trade including China. Sea-transportation in Vietnam has developed strongly in recent years, thanks to the natural conditions endowed with a long coastline, bordering the East Sea, and the world’s sea shipping routes.

From the previous decades, foreigners have known Ho Chi Minh City as a bustling city with a beautiful name “Pearl of the East Ocean”. Now, together with the capital Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City has developed rapidly and become “the mecca of industry of Vietnam”

A safe destination in terms of political stability

If we look at some countries in the region, Vietnam is a safe destination in terms of political stability. It’s great when you invest in a country with a stable political situation like Vietnam. This is the top factor that investors will pay attention to when they choose the place for an investment. Political stability will lead to socio-economic development. This is an advantage for Vietnam when countries in the same region are experiencing a political situation that experiences many uncertainties.

A dramatic economic growth of Vietnam

Vietnam – dynamic economy: Vietnam has reached the top of the countries with stable investment potential, and is a country with rapid economic growth in Asia.

The average economic growth rate of Vietnam in the 1991-2010 period was about 7.5% and in the period 2011-2013, despite many difficulties, it was still 5.6%. With a GDP of around $ 223 billion and a growth rate of 6.8% in 2017.

Vietnam is integrating with the trend of regional integration, developing in limited infrastructure such as transportation, transportation, airports, industrial parks, export processing zones, economic zones, roads. to border gates, seaports,…. If this is possible, Vietnam will remove previously intangible barriers, limiting the attraction of foreign investment into Vietnam.

The problem about labour expenses

The Vietnamese workforce is considered to be abundant and full of potential. Because,in Vietnam, the majority of the population is younger and younger than Europe or America. The average age of Vietnamese workforce is about 30.8 years old. Accompanying the development of training from abroad, Vietnamese workers gradually become progressive, educated, with high skills and easy to train. Vietnam, along with Thailand, are countries that focus on education, choosing education as a way to show the talents of the country in the future. When foreign investors invest in Vietnam, they will have to spend very low labor costs compared to their domestic counterparts. Only equal to 10% or 5% of industrial countries and even lower than countries with similar income levels as Vietnam.

Vietnam is proposing policies on corporate income tax exemption and reduction, import-export tax, land use, rent exemption and reduction and so on … to create all favorable conditions to attract foreign investment.


Previously, limited infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure, was identified as one of the reasons creating an invisible barrier in the process of attracting foreign investment into Vietnam. However, in recent years, to remove these barriers, the government and localities have been actively deployed to attract all resources to invest well in infrastructure, traffic roads. circuits, airports, routes to border gates, economic zones, industrial zones.

Inconnects – Only one research and investment connection background in Vietnam

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Main areas of investment in Vietnam:

Includes 3 main areas: Investment – Franchise / Supplier – Buyer / Investor

INVESTMENT: Vietnamese companies seeking shareholders or selling companies to foreign investors

AUTHORIZER / VENDOR: Connecting franchisee with franchisee and supplier with the buyer

BUYERS / INVESTORS: Displays the contacts of buyers and investors in Vietnam to get recommendations from others

Inconnects.com is an investment and business data platform for the Vietnamese market that is the ideal place to connect international businesses to Vietnam.

Rising above the revenue targets, it can be seen that Inconnects co-creates value for investors in Viet Nan is a long-term, sustainable research and connectivity platform.

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